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Posted on 2015-07-23 04:48:35 by Anonymous

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> What is it that you need/lack?
> I'm just called Pride (Ibari). It'd be nice if we could prosper once in a while.
> I'm Gloominess (Nekura). Forcing smiles tires me out.
> I'm Liar (Usotsuki). Is the truth always righteous?
> I'm Coldheartedness (Reiketsu). I've been thinking about things that are too gentle.
> I'm Selfishness (Wagamama). Pleasure of my own is very important to me.
> I'm Slander (Warukuchi). You easily lock up your feelings.
> I'm Blockhead (Noroma). Things that don't need to be too hurried, too.
> I'm just Jealousy (Yakimochi). I need love.
> I'm Laziness (Namake). If I don't get to rest I'll turn into butter [1].
> I'm Vanity-ppari! (Mie). I'm pushing myself to the limit for someone!
> I'm Cowardice (Okubyou), but I'm very watchful.
> I'm Stupidity (Manuke), and despite everything, I won't forget my manners.
> I'm just Envy (Higami). Let's change this unsatisfying reality.
> I'm Stubbornness (Ganko). Don't forget the important stuff.
> These vices you have are love's supporters.



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