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Posted on 2015-07-23 04:48:03 by Anonymous

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> All witch's barriers and familars are
> born from the witch's unconscious.
> The witch can summon them.
> Also, if they are not summoned, they will simmer.
> There are orders they will comply with, and also orders they will disobey.
> What they are and the witch herself's own magic
> are not well understood.

> Yuck
> It's shameful Useless-sama.
> Shun her and step on her.
> Forget about her and spin around.
> Sprinkle her ashes in a field and scatter petals. Redye your clothes. Mourn.
> From now from this it's a funeral procession
> We envy it with these eyes
> We gnaw at the future with these teeth.



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